Best Family Law Lawyers Near Me

Best Family Law Lawyers Near Me


Family law is a vast variety of legal matters that include divorce and parental custody, spousal support and much more. If you are faced with these complicated and personal issues you must find a competent lawyer for family law on the side of you. This guide can help you determine what qualities to search for when choosing a lawyer for family law as well as provide a listing of some of the top attorneys for your family law needs in your area, as well as the contact details of each.

What to Look for in a Family Law Lawyer

Experience and Expertise

  • Specificization on family Law: Ensure the lawyer is an expert in family law, and has significant knowledge of similar cases as the one you are facing.
  • Track Record Find an attorney with a success track record for family law disputes.

Communication and Accessibility

  • Clear Communication Lawyers should be able explain the legal concept in a manner that is easy to understand.
  • Available: Choose a lawyer who is available and responsive to your requirements.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

  • Review: Check online reviews and testimonials of previous clients to assess the credibility of the attorney and customer satisfaction.
  • Referrals As much as possible seek out testimonials from previous clients.

Legal Fees

  • Transparent Fees It is important that your lawyer offers the client with a transparent and precise fees plan.
  • Affordable: Consider whether the attorney’s fees fit within the budget of your company.
Best Family Law Lawyers Near Me
Best Family Law Lawyers Near Me

Top Family Law Lawyers Near You

These are the most reputable family law lawyers across various cities, with contact details:

1. Katherine Eisold Miller – The Miller Law Group

Address: 271 North Avenue, Suite 812, New Rochelle, NY 10801

Phone Number: (914) 738-7765


Summary: Katherine Eisold Miller is a well-known attorney in the field of family law, specializing mediation and collaborative law. Her experience spans over 25 years of expertise in managing complex family law issues.

2. Laura Wasser – Wasser, Cooperman & Mandles, P.C.

Address: 2049 Century Park East, Suite 800, Los Angeles, CA 90067

Phone Number: (310) 277-7117


Introduction: Laura Wasser is an extremely well-known family law lawyer who has a reputation for representing famous people when it comes to divorce. Her reputation is based on her knowledge of strategy and negotiation abilities.

3. Brian D. Perskin – Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C.

Address: 380 Lexington Avenue, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10168

Phone Number: (212) 355-0887


Introduction: Brian D. Perskin is a well-known family law lawyer with over forty years of legal experience. The lawyer is well-known for his tenacious advocacy and thorough understanding of the law governing family.

4. Lisa McDevitt – Law Offices of Lisa McDevitt

Address: 8280 Greensboro Drive, Suite 601, McLean, VA 22102

Phone Number: (703) 273-0920


Summary: Lisa McDevitt has an extensive background in family law. She has dealt with divorce, child custody and child support issues. Her reputation is based on her caring and devoted approach to clients.

5. Marilyn D. York – Law Office of Marilyn D. York, Inc.

Address: 548 California Avenue, Reno, NV 89509

Phone Number: (775) 324-7979


Introduction: Marilyn D. York is a committed family law lawyer who focuses on the rights of males in the field of family law. Her practice has been in operation since the age of 20 and is renowned for her fierce advocacy as well as personal service to clients.

6. Stephen J. Silberfein – Law Offices of Stephen J. Silberfein, P.C.

Address: 350 Broadway, Suite 1001, New York, NY 10013

Phone Number: (212) 575-1400


Summary: Stephen J. Silberfein is a specialist in divorce with high conflict and child custody disputes. The strategic skills of his litigation as well as his extensive legal expertise makes him an ideal option when it comes to complex legal issues involving family law.

7. Kimberly A. Shaw – Shaw Law Firm, LLC

Address: 115 Perimeter Center Place, Suite 430, Atlanta, GA 30346

Phone Number: (770) 450-1675


Introduction: Kimberly A. Shaw is a lawyer with more than 15 years of experience working in family law that includes child custody, divorce, and child support matters. Her reputation is based on her approach to client care and the effectiveness of legal methods.

8. Richard S. Victor – Victor & Victor, PLLC

Address: 121 W Long Lake Road, Suite 2, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

Phone Number: (248) 641-7070


Summary: Richard S. Victor is a highly regarded lawyer in the field of family law with years of expertise. His name is ascribed to his knowledge of complex custody and divorce cases.

9. Amy K. Gehm – Law Offices of Amy K. Gehm, L.L.C.

Address: 9600 Great Hills Trail, Suite 150W, Austin, TX 78759

Phone Number: (512) 327-7272


Introduction: Amy K. Gehm is a specialist in providing caring and efficient representation in family law. She is able to handle the entire spectrum of family law including child custody, divorce, and mediation.

10. Scott David Stewart – Law Offices of Scott David Stewart

Address: 777 East Thomas Road, Suite 210, Phoenix, AZ 85014

Phone Number: (602) 548-3400


Summary: Scott David Stewart is well-known for his extensive expertise in family law and his dedication to the clients he represents. He is able to handle a broad range of family law concerns and focuses on getting satisfactory results.

Steps to Take After Choosing a Lawyer

  1. The Initial Consultation Set up a meeting to talk about your particular case and assess the approach of your lawyer.
  2. Documentation Take all required documentation including the financial records, communications documents, as well as any other documents that are pertinent to your situation.
  3. Legal Contract: Review and sign an legal contract that defines the conditions of representation as well as the fee structure.
  4. Case Preparation Collaborate closely with your lawyer make your case more appealing, such as gathering evidence, getting professional testimony and formulating legal strategies.


The process of navigating family law concerns requires knowledge, understanding and an grasp of the legal system. Selecting the most suitable lawyer for your family law needs is essential to ensure that your case is taken care of and your rights are guaranteed. When you consider factors like the lawyer’s experience, communications, feedback, as well as legal charges, you are able to take a shrewd decision and move a substantial move towards settling your family law problems.

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